What my clients say about AMC Therapy…

I had suffered from a severe lack of confidence during my teen years and early twenties.  It affected pretty much every part of my life – I had friends but felt an outsider, I had trouble even speaking to girls and had never had a serious relationship.

Now in my late twenties, I decided to do something about it.  I was really anxious about speaking to someone about it, but I spoke to Ali on the phone first, and was really touched by his kind approach, and signed up for 4 sessions.

After the first session I started to feel more relaxed, but it was after the second session that I really started to notice the difference.  I was calmer generally and didn’t worry about things so much.  After a couple more sessions, something had definitely changed – I can only describe it as feeling more together, more solid and friends have commented on how much more I’m smiling.  The other thing is that my mind is a lot quieter – I hadn’t noticed how much I had been criticising myself and worrying about things that were never likely to happen – I don’t bother doing these things anymore.

I wasn’t sure whether it would be a permanent change or not, but a few weeks after my last session I’m feeling stronger than I’ve ever felt.  I’m using the simple techniques that Ali taught me, which help keep me calm and feeling confident.  I’m so excited now about the future!

Andrew Porter