Terms and Conditions

Professional Fees

A standard session lasts about 75 minutes but allow 90 minutes + travel time.

Allow up to 2 hours for your first appointment, as we will spend more time during your first session so I can get to know you better, your background and the issue/s that you want to address. The first session is also an opportunity for you to ask questions, although you can ask questions at any time before, during or between any sessions.

A smoking cessation session lasts about 2 hours, but allow 2 and a half hours + travel time. If you need the changes reinforced, I offer a FREE 60 minute follow-up session within one month of your original appointment.

Typical Pricing

  • Standard Session (Approx 75 minutes) – £80
  • Smoking Cessation (Approx 2 hours) – £240
  • Consultation Session (Approx 30 minutes) – FREE
  • Home Visits (Approx 75 minutes) £80 + Expenses
  • Hypnotic Gastric Banding (4 sessions) – £460

Cancellation Policy

I understand that sometimes other commitments take priority but please call if you are unable to make an appointment.

I don’t charge for cancellations, as long as the cancellation is done with at least 24 hours’ notice. Cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice means that the full session is payable – you may as well just turn up! Of course, if there are genuine extenuating circumstances, please call me.

Free Consultation Session

Most people book a full session after a call or an email, and a quick chat before the session is usually enough to answer any questions. I also email all clients with free ‘Hypnotherapy Explained’ information before the first session, which helps answer questions about how hypnotherapy works and explain why it is so effective.
If you prefer, you can visit me for a FREE consultation. I don’t charge for this and many clients choose to make this their first paid session rather than rebooking for another time. Whatever works best for you!

Home Visits

I generally don’t do home visits, as my practice is set up to offer the most relaxing surroundings. However, if you are local within 30 minutes’ drive, and otherwise unable to reach my practice (if you are registered disabled or are injured), all I ask is that you cover my travel expenses in addition to your normal payment, and that you have a quiet room with 2 comfortable chairs where we can work uninterrupted.