AMC Freedom From Smoking Hypnotherapy – How it Works

Some smokers attending my practice can be anxious before they see me, even when the change they are looking for will be such a positive one.  Such is the nature of the smoking habit and nicotine addiction!

The following will help you to understand how stopping smoking in just one session works.  The right approach combined with effective use of hypnosis and advanced mind-reprogramming techniques mean change can happen very quickly.

Before the session

Be clear on what you want from the session with me.  By the end of the session you will want to throw your cigarettes in the bin, so make it even easier for yourself.  If you live with anyone who smokes, ideally reach agreement with them to smoke outdoors from now on, and clear out all smoking related items, such as tobacco, lighters & ashtrays.  Treat this really positive change seriously!


We get clear on what you want and why you want it.  It’s not enough to think that you should stop – that applies to most smokers.  You’ve got to really want it for yourself and be clear that the time to stop is now. It’s perfectly normal to not feel 100% ready!


The most important step – we identify your beliefs about why you smoke and haven’t stopped yet.  Once we change how you feel about smoking and cigarettes, the other steps to becoming a non-smoker become much easier!


All smokers have their own triggers – certain things in their daily lives that prompt them to smoke, because that’s when they have smoked in the past.  These triggers include certain times of the day, locations, specific situations and habitual emotions.  Once identified, we can then condition your mind to feel differently in these situations – instead of looking at smokers with envy, you will pity them and be glad you are free of the smoking trap!


This is the one some people dread!  If you have tried to stop smoking before using willpower or NRT, you will have likely hit this problem.  However, once we have changed the core reason/s that you used to smoke, much or all of the old desire to smoke goes, and so with it most of the cravings.

When the odd craving does appear, you need ways of dealing with them, and I teach you simple and effective techniques to use as you get used to living as a non-smoker again!

The Future

We get clear on how great your life is going to be as a non-smoker!  Not an ex-smoker who continues to miss smoking months or even years after stopping, but a non-smoker who has put smoking in the past and is moving on with their life.  What things could you do as a non-smoker that are currently not possible as a smoker?

Answers to Key Questions…

  • Will I Gain Weight?
  • Should I Use NRT?
  • What If I Have Other issues?