Stop Smoking today – It’s a common myth that stopping smoking is hard – find out why…

At least 75% of people who smoke want to stop – why don’t they? Why do some people easily stop smoking whilst others really struggle?

There is a common myth that stopping smoking is hard, but the people saying this are either biased such as companies selling tobacco or nicotine replacement products, or people that just don’t understand the issue.

The Three Key Areas…

The truth is, stopping smoking can be easy, but it requires the right approach. My Freedom From Smoking programme tackles the 3 important areas:-

  • How you feel about yourself as a smoker.
  • How you feel about smoking or cigarettes.
  • How you feel about becoming a non-smoker.

Make the change today…

Change how you feel about smoking – specifically, what you think it gives you – and everything changes.

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