Hello, I’m Ali McCreery

Hi, I’m Ali McCreery and welcome to AMC Therapy!

Before I became a qualified Hypnotherapist, I worked for IBM for 15 years in various management positions. I accomplished a great deal, but I spent most of my time stressed, overweight and lacking the motivation and energy to really enjoy my life.

So what changed?

I decided that life was too short doing things that I didn’t enjoy! I found out how the mind works and how to use it to change virtually anything in my life. Once I started to feel different about myself and what I was really capable of, I started to make big changes!

My experience has given me an insight into the challenges we all face – how to earn enough money to do what you want in life, how to balance a high workload with a fulfilling personal life, how to deal with day to day frustrations. How to get what you want!

Having set up my own hypnotherapy practice, I’m now in the perfect position to help others. I love my work and I find it so fulfilling to help people like you enjoy their own lives more!

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Ali McCreery
Ali McCreery D.Hyp, D.M.H, CPNLP, S.M.C.
AMC Therapy