Part 2 – Why avoiding diets can help you lose weight (it’s true!)

Welcome to the conclusion of my two-part “Why Diets Fail” series of blog posts…

5. Diets are boring, repetitive and can be very rigid in what they ‘allow’ you to eat.  Diets can create feelings of deprivation, sacrifice, and guilt, and they encourage obsession over food intake – day after day, year after year … it’s exhausting and completely unnecessary.  Food is fuel for our bodies but it’s also there to be enjoyed!

6. Diets make you stupid!  Your body includes your brain, and by depriving your brain of the nutrients it needs, it functions much less efficiently.  This often means an inability to concentrate, to focus, to think, which means you are less capable of dealing with life’s challenges, leading to more stress and you guessed it, eating more!

7. Diets can often lead to weight gain.  Eating a too low calorie diet actually shifts your body into fat storage mode – it doesn’t know when the next decent meal is coming along, so it starts to store fat.  As most diets don’t include regular exercise as a must, the body’s metabolism lowers, leading to burning even less calories!

So if diets don’t work, why do people do them?

Perhaps they just don’t know the facts.  It doesn’t help that there is a multi-billion pound industry pushing diets as the solution, or the media promoting the latest weight-loss craze, or celebrities pushing their latest weight-loss DVD.

The most likely reason people continue to use diets is that no-one has offered a better alternative … Read on to understand how the AMC Slimmer You programme works differently.

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