The Importance of Confidence

Confidence is fundamental to a long, happy and successful life. I know of no person who has achieved anything of lasting significance without believing in themselves first.

There are of course people who fake it along the way but often at huge cost to other areas of their life – sooner or later it catches up with you.

A fundamental lack of love for and belief in yourself can ruin your life, or at the very least prevent you from living your true potential.

Low self-esteem and confidence (they often go hand in hand) has major consequences:-

  • It creates anxiety, stress, worry and in more extreme cases, panic
  • It creates fear, such as public speaking, group situations, meeting new people etc
  • It reduces your ability to deal with life’s challenges
  • It leaves you more vulnerable to problems with alcohol and drugs
  • It can seriously impair academic and job performance
  • It can cause problems with relationships – friendships and especially your love life
  • It affects your motivation – why go for something if you already believe you will fail?
  • It is exhausting – life can be hard enough without making it much harder for yourself!

It doesn’t sound much fun, does it? Let’s start to focus on the positive. Feeling good about yourself and your abilities can transform your life:-

  • Feeling less stressed and much more relaxed!
  • Feeling comfortable in any situation – enjoying meeting new people, public speaking etc!
  • More able to deal with life’s challenges!
  • Significantly improved academic and job performance – more success, more money!
  • Strong , supportive and fulfilling relationships!
  • Greater motivation – the desire and belief to go for anything you want!
  • Greater levels of health and energy!

How would feeling better about yourself improve your life?

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