Hypnotherapy Explained (Part 2)

This post follows on from Hypnotherapy Explained (Part 1). You may want to read this first.

Your Mind

Your mind is the software to your brain’s hardware. Thousands of different programs running at any one time, many interconnected, most that you are never aware of.

Your mind consists of two parts…

Your mind consists of two parts – your conscious and your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is the one you actively use day to day, the one you use to think. It is pretty limited, only able to manage a few ideas at any one time. It is your much larger subconscious mind that holds all the information that makes you who you are – your experiences, what is important to you, what you believe and how to react in certain situations.

Nearly all the programs in your subconscious mind run automatically and most are based on generalisations. Much of your thinking therefore is habitual and this is necessary, so you can live your day to day life without constantly evaluating all the different options available at any one time.

So your brain and mind are incredibly powerful, but what’s the problem? If you are consciously trying to change but the neuro-connections in your brain are running old programs, the result is frustration. The only way then to create lasting change is through the subconscious mind, and through repetition, create new neuro-connections that create new ways of thinking and so different feelings and behaviours.

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