The Benefits of Being a Non-Smoker

I know you are busy and are bombarded with what might happen if you continue to smoke. The problem is that smokers know the health risks, but it’s rarely enough to make them stop smoking.

So I’d like to remind you of the main benefits of becoming a non-smoker, and you can click the links below if you want more information.

  • More energy!

    Most smokers don’t realise just how badly their energy was affected by smoking until they stop. How could it be any other way, when the body is constantly diverting valuable resources to try and fight off the massive amount of poisons and toxins smoking provides.

  • Feeling better about yourself!

    Most smokers (particularly long-term smokers) feel lousy about themselves at a deep level, because they know that they are doing something that is slowly killing them. Also, most smokers have tried unsuccessfully to stop many times before, so gradually over time, confidence is eroded. This confidence quickly returns!

  • Feeling much more relaxed!

    Once you understand how the smoking trap really works, you realise that smoking has been making you anxious, not the other way round. Of course there is a period of adjustment in the first few weeks after stopping, and most people report feeling massively relieved that they have stopped smoking.

  • Feeling and looking younger!

    Smoking causes massive harm to most parts of the body and premature aging of all major organs, including the lungs, heart and skin. Nothing you do for the rest of your life will make the massive positive difference to how you feel and look as stopping smoking. Plus you will smell a lot better!

  • More motivation and success!

    So you are more relaxed, feel better about yourself, have more confidence and more energy. It’s no surprise that many people report more success in their life after they stop smoking!

These are the main benefits reported by people who have stopped smoking. Don’t you deserve the same?

(ASH fact sheet on smoking & disease –

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